About The Kite Flyers

Vokatta had the First Indian Woman Kite Flyer- Bhavna Mehta, the Arjuna Award Winner- Mr. Dilip Kapadia, along with Mr. Rajesh Nair who Pioneered Kite Craft (the kite making sessions in Kerala) and it also had Mr. Sundara Murthy, Mr. V. Gopala Roy, Mr. Jamsed Turnur, Mr. Mahesh Chavda and more. Internationally Vokatta was honored with the presence of Barbara Meyer (President- American Kite Association & Vice-President- International Kite Federation) from U.S.A., Mr.Johan Van Eeckhout (Executive Member- International Kite Fedration & the Inventor of Biggest Inflatable Delta Kite) from Belgium, Mr. Robert William Cruikshanks (Pioneered kite Kraft the kite making sessions in Kerala) from United Kingdom, Vinita Vij from Belgium, Gadis Widiyati from Singapore, Maksum Maksum from Indonesia along with Mr. Mohammad Noor and Azemi Bin Ariffin from Malaysia and more.Vokatta 2014, had a great combination of World’s Biggest Inflatable Kite by Johan Van Eeckhout with World’s Smallest Kite by Arjun Khatri, of Mumbai’s Golden Kite Flying Club. There was Aerial Photography of the kites using a Kite by Nicolas Chorier.

The Blue Beast also known as The Delta Kite attracted people huge size of 10m by 5m, weighing only 2.5kg. The Blue Beast is made of No Spars or sticks at all, and can also fly when there is no wind. The smallest Kite was 1mm.Kite Gallery at Vokatta was the place for the people to know the History of Kites. From the birth of Kite to the Sky where Kite has reached till date. It attracted not only the kite lovers but also others who were unknown to the facts of Kites. It also revealed the facts how Kites were important in our life. Some of the noteworthy kites were in shapes of Octopus, fish, Dracula, the mythical, Mahabali, superhero and many others. American, Barbara Meyer, the vice-president of the International Kite Federation, flew several fancy kites but was all praise for Indian kite fighters. “Any kite flier in the US who practices kite fighting dreams of coming to India. But they know that they can’t win against the fliers here,” she smiled. Meyer is an expert kite acrobat and can fly kites with more than one string attached to them. This is a popular routine in the US where the flier handles all the strings and makes the kite roll, flip and dance to music.